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Hear Lorna Shore's Colossal New Song "Sun//Eater"

First taste of their highly anticipated new album 'Pain Remains'

The most hyped deathcore song of 2022 has arrived. Last year, Lorna Shore shattered the genre's expectations with their monstrous three-song EP, ...And Now I Return to Nothingness, which featured the indescribably heavy runaway single "To the Hellfire." Now, the blackened deathcore savants have announced its follow-up full-length, Pain Remains, marking their first LP since 2020's Immortal and their first full-length project with frontman Will Ramos on the mic. 

The full record is due out in October, but today (May 13th), Lorna Shore are teasing it with a colossally crushing new song called "Sun//Eater." If you like breakdowns, dismal atmosphere, and Ramos' incomparably bestial vocal delivery, then you'll find more than enough to love about "Sun//Eater." Blast it above, and check out the single's music video below when it premieres at noon ET. 

"We're so happy so be able to put out something different and new that further exemplifies who we've become as individuals and as a whole," Ramos commented. "This song/album really brings together everything that we've been working towards being and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you all."