Hear LORNA SHORE's Will Ramos rage on NOTHING, NOWHERE.'s new song "Trag3dy" | Revolver

Hear LORNA SHORE's Will Ramos rage on NOTHING, NOWHERE.'s new song "Trag3dy"

From emo-rapper's metallic new album 'VOID ETERNAL'

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For the last half-decade, nothing, nowhere. has made his bones in the world of emo-rap while maintaining a personal music diet of heavy-ass shit. He constantly sports a Nails hoodie and has even dipped his toes into our world by collaborating with Code Orange's Shade Balderose. But on his new album, VOID ETERNAL (out today), he's diving all the way into metal, having tapped members of Underoath, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Silverstein, Static Dress and, heaviest of them all, Lorna Shore frontman Will Ramos to make guest appearances. 

The aforementioned deathcore star is famous for his gurgling, snarling extreme-metal screams, and nothing, nowhere. decided to feature him on the album's second song, "Trag3dy," which is finally available to stream. However, while many Ramos fans might expect one of his iconic pig squeals, the multi-faceted frontman actually brought a totally different sensibility to this track — both screaming and singing — that nothing, nowhere. described during a recent interview with Revolver.

"With Will, people are always expecting him to do the same thing that he has become famous for, and I can relate to that from the emo-rap perspective. It's nice when someone approaches you with something different, and that's exactly what Will brought to the table. He is so talented as a vocalist that it doesn't matter what you give him. You could give him a jazz track, and he would find a way to make it work. It was an honor to have someone like him on the record, the most talked-about screamer in the world right now."

Blast that shit above via YouTube. 

VOID ETERNAL is now available in an array of collectible formats including an exclusive "gray w/ red splatter" vinyl variant limited to 350 copies. Order yours before they're gone!

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