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Hear Mastodon's Massive New Song "Sickle and Peace"

'Hushed and Grim' double album offers up sinuous third single

For Mastodon diehards, Revolver has a limited-edition Fall Issue bundle featuring a hand-numbered slipcase and exclusive 2LP edition of Hushed and Grim with a hand-screened album wrap designed by artist Paul Romano. Get yours before they're gone!

Last month, Mastodon announced their highly anticipated new double album, Hushed and Grim, and so far fans have gotten to hear two contrasting singles off the LP, the raging "Pushing the Tides" and the mellower, more introspective "Teardrinker." Today (October 20th), the Atlantan juggernaut offered up a third taste of Hushed and Grim, which, for all intents and purposes, splits the difference between its predecessors. Fittingly titled with a bipolar image, "Sickle and Peace" spends its opening two minutes indulging the group's quieter, slow-burning inclinations before erupting into majestic prog metal.

Hushed and Grim is due out October 29th via Reprise Records and is now available for pre-order. Revolver has 500 2LP clear vinyl copies that come bundled with our Fall 2021 magazine and a hand-screened slipcase featuring artwork by longtime Mastodon collaborator Paul Romano. Get yours before they're gone!

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