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Hear Mastodon's New Rager "Pushing the Tides" Off Upcoming Double Album

Heavy-metal goliaths announce supersized eighth LP 'Hushed and Grim'

For Mastodon diehards, Revolver has a limited-edition Fall 2021 issue bundle featuring a hand-numbered slipcase and exclusive 2LP clear vinyl of Hushed and Grim with hand-screened slipcase designed by artist Paul Romano. Get yours before they're gone! 

The time has come. New Mastodon is here. The Atlanta prog-metal veterans have announced a new LP called Hushed and Grim that's set to drop on October 29th. It's the first double album of their 20-year career and the first full-length since their 2017 opus, Emperor of the Sand.

Today (September 10th), the band gave fans a preview of the record with a pummeling lead single called "Pushing the Tides." The three-and-a-half-minute ripper begins with classic Mastodon heaviness — an aggressively unsteady guitar lick with a twinge of mathiness that dips and ducks between suffocating drum fills — and then opens up into an utterly gigantic chorus that's at once eerie and devilishly catchy. Listen above via YouTube.

The 15-track Hushed and Grim was produced by the prog-minded boardsmith David Bottrill (Tool, Rush, King Crimson) and navigates the intense feelings of grief that the band members experienced after the passing of their beloved longtime manager, Nick John.

For the art, they once again enlisted the talents of Paul Romano — who also created the covers for Remission, Leviathan, Call of the MastodonBlood Mountain and Crack the Skye — for a gorgeous, creepy and psychedelic painting that reflects the mood of the music.

Hushed and Grim is due out October 29th via Reprise Records and is now available for pre-order. Revolver has 500 2LP clear vinyl copies that come bundled with our Fall 2021 magazine and hand-screened slipcase artwork by longtime Mastodon cover artist Paul Romano. Get yours before they're gone! 

Mastodon Hushed and Grim artwork

Hushed and Grim track listing:
"Pain With an Anchor"
"The Crux"
"Sickle and Peace"
"More Than I Could Chew"
"The Beast"
"Skeleton of Splendor"
"Pushing the Tides"
"Peace and Tranquility"
"Had It All"
"Savage Lands"
"Gobblers of Dregs"
"Eyes of Serpents"