Hear mathcore upstarts PUPIL SLICER's grungy new song "Blossom" | Revolver

Hear mathcore upstarts PUPIL SLICER's grungy new song "Blossom"

U.K. rising stars radically expand their sound

In 2021, Pupil Slicer roared onto the scene with their debut album, Mirrors, a head-spinning mathcore opus that seemingly leveled up the number-crunching insanity of genre leaders like Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch. Today (March 16th), the U.K. rising stars announced their full-length follow-up, Blossom, and unveiled its lead single and title track — and holy shit, if they haven't radically revamped their sound.

The song — which arrived with a fittingly Nineties-alt-rock-styled music video — leans into vocalist-guitarist Kate Davies' other influences, including Radiohead and Deafheaven, fusing grungy, shoegazing parts to Slicer's signature mathcore madness. Watch and listen above.

"Blossom is the culmination of two years spent with razor focus on crafting a journey like no other," Davies commented of the LP. "We are incredibly proud of the feats we have achieved on our sophomore album, building upon the experience and feedback from our debut to further break down the walls between metal, hardcore, shoegaze, electronic music and pop.

"We have delivered the most concentrated Pupil Slicer experience yet. A hard sci-fi/cosmic horror concept album, the story told across Blossom draws on some of my favorite media to craft these 10 tracks where instrumental, lyrical and visual elements have been cohesively refined to serve the world I have created.

"We are introducing the world of Blossom via the title track, the final point beyond time and space, a nexus of everything that could have been and a vantage point into everything that came before."

Blossom is due out June 2nd through Prosthetic Records and available for pre-order now.