Hear Meshuggah's Decimating New Song "Light the Shortening Fuse" | Revolver

Hear Meshuggah's Decimating New Song "Light the Shortening Fuse"

Second single from their first album in six years

Revolver has teamed with Meshuggah for an exclusive "orange/red opaque" vinyl variant of their new album, Immutable. It's limited to 500 — order yours now!

Back in January, Meshuggah announced their long-awaited first album in six years, Immutable, and then dropped a monumentally heavy first taste, "The Abysmal Eye." Even before we heard the single, the record was one of the most anticipated albums of the year over at Revolver HQ, and we're still feeling that way after hearing the record's second offering, "Light the Shortening Fuse" which they just released today (March 3rd). 

It has all the tenets of a proper Meshuggah song. Syncopated chugs, razory guitar tones, fiery vocals from frontman Jens Kidman and a scorching outro section that's more trudging than groovy. Take a listen above via YouTube. 

Immutable is due out April 1st through Atomic Fire Records and available for pre-order in an array of collectible formats. These include a limited-edition "orange/red opaque" vinyl colorway exclusive available from Revolver and our sister brands. Only 500 are being pressed worldwide so order yours now before they're gone!

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