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Hear Metalcore Act Coarse's Savage New EP Featuring Ex–Capsize, Old Wounds Members

East Coast duo's wild inaugural release, 'I', evokes Buried Alive, Dillinger Escape Plan
courtney coles, Courtney Coles
photograph by Courtney Coles

Coarse are a new duo comprising guitarist Ryan Knowles (ex-Capsize) and drummer Brandon Gallagher (ex-Old Wounds), who play spazzy metalcore reminiscent of Buried Alive and the Dillinger Escape Plan. The project came together out of the men's shared need to create their own maddened universe, wholly detached from their previous bodies of work, as well as the heavy-music scene in general. "As both a musician and a creator, you can reach a point of being content with adapting and following trends," explains the latter. "Teaming up with Ryan just made sense. We were completely burnt out on being surrounded by so many uninspiring bands."

Recorded in San Diego, Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York City, Coarse's debut EP, I, develops Knowles and Gallagher's dueling vocals and glitchy, blown-out arrangements into fuel for one of the most seething, satisfying metalcore albums of the year. The six-track effort arrives later this week, ahead of their inaugural full-length, expected out next year. And guess what? You can stream the whole thing right now.

"With the release of I, we set out to create something unique, genuine, and absolutely crazy," Knowles says of the record. "Punk beats, blast beats, breakdowns, things that don't even make sense: It's everything me and Brandon love about heavy music, incorporated into one."

Coarse's I EP hits shelves tomorrow, July 27th, via Zegema Beach Recordings and Secret Nature. Pre-order it here, and stream it below.