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Hear Metallica's Previously Unreleased "Work in Progress" Diamond Head, Fang Covers

Rare takes on "The Prince," "The Money Will Roll Right In" appear on new 'Master of Puppets' reissue
Metallica 1985 Getty, Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images
Metallica, 1985
photograph by Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images

Today's the day: Metallica's humongous Master of Puppets reissue has finally arrived. The package is a thrash nerd's dream: In addition to the remastered album on CD and LP, it includes rarities from 1984-'85 (including a live album on cassette), interviews, demos, rough mixes, a hardcover book containing photos and commentary, a DVD comprising live footage and interviews and even a few buttons. And of course, there are the previously unreleased covers — two, to be exact — of NWOBHM outfit Diamond Head's "The Prince" (later re-recorded with bassist Jason Newsted) and punk group Fang's "The Money Will Roll Right In," which would also go on to be covered by Nirvana. You can listen to both of them right here, right now.

Hammett detailed the much-hyped Fang cover — and the reasons for its delayed release — in a recent interview with Revolver. "The reason [our version] wasn't released in the first place was that it had none of the punk-rock charm when we recorded it; it was too slick, and it was a bit overplayed," the guitarist explained. "I mean, Cliff and I don't even play on it ... It was just something that we tried and thought, 'You know ...' It doesn't have that raunchiness and that humor that the original had."

Below, see Metallica's Kirk Hammett launch his horror-movie art exhibit in Salem and visit the Salem Witch Museum: