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Hear Metallica's Raucous, Previously Unreleased 1985 "Master of Puppets" Demo

8-minute take features altered lyrics, riffs

Metallica have unveiled a boisterous demo of their timeless thrash classic "Master of Puppets." Recorded in late June 1985, the rough, eight-minute take contains altered lyrics (like James Hetfield's pained, repeated moans of "MAASTERRR" midsong), louder drums, and modified, but nonetheless aggressive, riffage. It's one of several versions of the title track housed on a "Riffs, Demos, and Outtakes" disc exclusive to the deluxe box set and 3xCD editions of Metallica's upcoming Master of Puppets reissue; the CD also features a pair of riff stems, two "writing in progress" takes (including a 12-minute version) and another final demo version. Listen now.

Metallica's freshly-revealed demo marks the latest in a long string of rarities unearthed ahead of the Master of Puppets reissue, due out November 10th. Previously, the Big Four thrashers dropped a rare "Battery" performance clip from 1985, as well as a hard-to-find live version of "For Whom the Bell Tolls." The package, which can be ordered here, collects the remastered album (both on vinyl and CD), concert recordings from 1984-85 (including a live album on cassette), interviews, demos, rough mixes, reproductions of lyrics and more.