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Hear Mindless Self Indulgence Singer Jimmy Urines' Spazzy New Song "Problematic"

Upcoming album 'Euringer' features guest appearances by Serj Tankian, Grimes and more

Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence has dropped an upbeat new single "Problematic," off his forthcoming solo album, which will released under his birth name Euringer. Lyrically, the track addresses the reactionary sensitivity present in the current political climate as a response to the global rise of fascism. That idea is best summed up in this lyric:

"You can only love me when there's no one looking over your shoulder — I'm problematic, baby! (The world changes more than you think in five years.)"

Known for stirring up controversy, Euringer gained notoriety with provocative songs like "I Hate Jimmy Page" and angered Christians by filing MSI's genre as "religious" on iTunes in a nod to their fan base's loyalty. Euringer talked about toning down the outré offensiveness on this record to bring focus to his talent as a programmer and musician in an interview with Alt Press.

"As much as I like being in a crazy shock-rock band, the one thing that gets lost is that people focus on the shock rock and don't really focus on the fact that I'm a really fucking great programmer, and I'm a deconstructionist and an audio collagist ... that's the first thing that gets lost," he said. "'Awww, Jimmy! You're crazy and the band's crazy and they're great and they do all this provocative amazing stuff,' and that's fine — that's what Mindless are supposed to be. But nobody ever says, 'I like how you programmed that beat and sampled that stuff backwards.'"

The new album Euringer is set for release on October 19th via Metropolis Records and will feature guest spots from artists including former My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, System of a Down's Serj Tankian, Grimes and Morningwood singer Chantal Claret (who is also Euringer's wife). You can pre-order it here.

Euringer track listing:
1. "Trigger Warning"
2. "If It Ain't You Today It Will Be You Tomorrow" (feat. Serj Tankian)
3. "Problematic"
4. "That's How Jimmy Gets Down"
5. "Be Afraid Of Who You Are"
6. "Piece Of Me"
7. "Internal Organs"
8. "Wuthering Heights" (Kate Bush cover)
9. "Detroit And Only Half Way Thru The Tour"
10. "Fuck Everything" (feat. Chantal Claret)
11. "The Medicine Does Not Control Me" (feat. Grimes)
12. "What A Fool Believes" (Doobie Brothers cover)
13. "Do You Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth"
14. "Sailor In A Life Boat" (feat. Gerard Way)
15. "Random Emo Top Line Generator"
16. "Two And A Half Years"