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Hear Mongolian Folk-Metal Act Tengger Cavalry's New Album 'Northern Memory' in Full

"Nomadic metal" outfit mixes traditional instruments, crushing Rammstein-esque riffs
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What do Rammstein, central Asian folk music, and technical death metal have in common? As it turns out, more than you might think. With their latest eclectic album, Northern Memory, New York–Beijing-Mongolia–based "nomadic" folk metal outfit Tengger Cavalry channel the German industrial titans' chugging, gut-punch riffs and meld them with flawlessly executed traditional musicianship for a wholly unique and stunning aural experience. 

Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Nature G. describes the band's latest release Northern Memory as, "a concept album based on the history of the waves of nomadic tribes (Hunnu, Cian-Bi, Khi-tan) that charged and immigrated into Northern China from modern Mongolian and Siberian regions throughout the centuries. Their paths have now blended into the modern farming societies of China. We aim to uphold the memory and history of these people with this album release."

"With this album, in comparison to the traditional approach of Mongolian and Chinese folk tunes, we used many traditional central Asian folk elements, giving it a 'desert-like' sound," Nature continues. "Also, as I am a long time Rammstein fan, listeners will hear some machine-like riffs inspired by the band."

The end product of all these influences is a truly adventurous 11-track journey filled with bold, infectious rhythms and nonstop unexpected elements that work together in beautiful heavy harmony. Stream Northern Memory now before its May 10th release, and preorder a copy via the group's Bandcamp.