Hear Mono Side Project JeGong's New Post-Rock Instrumental "Sowing Dragons Teeth" | Revolver

Hear Mono Side Project JeGong's New Post-Rock Instrumental "Sowing Dragons Teeth"

Hypnotic single arrives with dystopian music video

If you've heard the cinematic post-rock of Japan's Mono then you have an idea of what to expect from JeGong, which features the better-known band's drummer, Dahm Majuri Cipolla, as well as Sum of R's Reto Mäder on keys. More than anything, though, what the duo evoke on their forthcoming debut LP, I, is the captivating sounds of Seventies Krautrock pioneers like Ash Ra Temple, Neu! and Cluster, to whom the project is "a tribute," according to Cipolla.

I is due out on October 16th via Pelagic Records, the record label helmed by members of post-metal experimentalists the Ocean, and is available for pre-order now. Ahead of the big drop, JeGong have teamed with Revolver to premiere standout cut "Sowing Dragons Teeth" along with its striking, abstract music video, the concluding piece in a visual trilogy kicked off by the previously released clip for I single "Stable Off." Watch and listen above.

"As the opening track for our debut album I, we wanted to have a song that is constantly changing in form and density," the duo explains in a joint statement. "A song structure like a maelstrom or a growing plant focusing on our two main instruments: analog synthesizers and drums. The theme of the song goes well with the film scene in Blade Runner 2049, in which a meager little flower in a field of ashes becomes a sign of hope.

"The video for 'Sowing Dragons Teeth,' together with the videos for 'Stable Off' and 'Ghost City' — [the latter of which is to be] released October 7th — form a three-part story. The chronology 1/3 'Ghost City,' 2/3 'Stable Off,' 3/3 'Sowing Dragons Teeth' creates a dystopia in which the world is recreated by a species after the collapse, with a monolith as a memorial for the downfall."