Hear Napalm Death's Rampaging New Song "Backlash Just Because" | Revolver

Hear Napalm Death's Rampaging New Song "Backlash Just Because"

Grindcore veterans return with "a real barkfest"

Nearly 40 years into their trailblazing, rabble-rousing career, U.K. grindcore progenitors Napalm Death are going as hard as ever. They're gearing up to drop their — count 'em — 16th album, Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism, on September 18th via Century Media Records, and to rile up the masses ahead of the release, they've unleashed its no-holds-barred lead single, "Backlash Just Because."

The LP is available for pre-order now in an array of collectible formats including a particularly tasty Revolver-exclusive edition pressed to "Mucus With Envy Swirled" vinyl and limited to just 250 copies. Get yours before they're gone, and blast "Backlash Just Because" via its lyric video above.

"This song in particular really spurred me on when I was writing lyrics for the album overall," Napalm Death vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway commented of the song. "It's raucous and traditional, but also quirky and discordant and ultimately catchy-as-anything in the context of rampaging noise. Lyrically, it was directed at the spiteful art of creating easy targets and fomenting paranoia and revulsion, which is something that I feel has become de rigueur in very recent times. I really let loose on the more sporadic vocals at the end of the song — it's a real barkfest at that point. Lovely."