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Hear Neurosis Singer Steve Von Till's Solemn New Solo Song "Indifferent Eyes"

Latest 'No Wilderness Deep Enough' single arrives with cinematic video

Back in May, Steve Von Till unveiled "Dreams of Trees," the hypnotic single off his forthcoming new solo album, No Wilderness Deep Enough. That was followed in June by the equally captivating "Shadows on the Run." Though best known for the thunderous post-metal of his long-running band Neurosis, Von Till leans much quieter and more contemplative in his solo output, and both of the aforementioned songs reflect that, encompassing elements of folk, ambient and neo-classical. Today (July 8th), he's premiered another new single, "Indifferent Eyes," along with its evocative music video. Watch and listen above.

"It's about personal longings and loss, and the loves and insecurities we all feel combined with meditations on humanity as a whole," Von Till said of the new album. "I'm exploring the great disconnect: from the natural world, from each other, and ultimately from ourselves — trying to find meaning and depth in re-establishing those connections, to find a resonance in purpose and acknowledging the past while looking towards the future and still being in the moment."

In addition to No Wilderness Deep Enough, the Neurosis frontman is also prepping his first book, Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics. The tome collects writing from across his two-decade solo career, and will be printed in a limited hardback edition illustrated with linocuts by Mazatl. The album and the book are both due on August 7th courtesy of Neurosis' own label, Neurot Recordings, and can be pre-ordered here and here, respectively.