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Hear New Terror, Dead Heat, Mindforce Songs on 'America's Hardcore' Compilation

Fuming Mouth, Magnitude, Regional Justice Center, Firewalker also contribute fresh tracks
Terror Angela Owens , Angela Owens
Terror's Scott Vogel
photograph by Angela Owens

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Since 2010, Triple B Records, arguably the best hardcore label of the last decade, have been putting out a series of compilations called America's Hardcore. Over the years, practically every notable hardcore band of this generation has made an appearance — Power Trip, Turnstile, Trapped Under Ice, Rotting Out, to name a few — and now the label are back with its long-awaited fifth installment. 

As always, the 39-song track list a fucking doozy. Terror, Fuming Mouth, Mindforce, Magnitude, Regional Justice Center, Dead Heat, Firewalker, Inclination, Sunami, Citizen, Division of Mind, Never Ending Game and Bib are a select handful of the groups who contribute new, exclusive bangers to the comp. 

Whether you've been an ardent hardcore fan for the last ten years or you stopped paying attention to new bands before Triple B became an institution, America's Hardcore Vol. 5 is an essential timestamp in the genre's history.

Stream the whole thing below via Bandcamp, and pre-order the vinyl edition here