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Hear Nine Inch Nails Team With HEALTH on New Song "Isn't Everyone"

Scorching collaboration between two industrial mainstays

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Last year, the L.A. electronic-rock group HEALTH joined forces with 11 other acts — including Ghostemane, Full of Hell and Youth Code — on a collaborative album called Disco4 :: Part 1. The project proved that the group can create synergy with practically anyone, but if there's one group who seem like the ideal collaborative partners for HEALTH, it would be Nine Inch Nails. Amazingly, that partnership has now come to fruition.

The bands, who twice toured together over a decade ago, were able to link up on a scorching new song called "Isn't Everyone," which you can hear above via YouTube. Notably, this isn't just a measly guest feature from Trent Reznor. As HEALTH explained in an interview earlier this week, the track is a genuine collaboration with their industrial elders that included creative conference calls and "a lot of attention to detail" when it was coming together.

"So we sent [Reznor] a demo and we did it very purposefully, where we sent something that was very skeletal," HEALTH frontman Jake Duzsik told interviewer David Farrier. "Because if you sent mostly a done track, that is not a collaboration — you are asking someone to guest on it. And the thing that ended up being really remarkable on it was we have done a lot of these collaborations now, and there can be a fair amount of awkwardness and not knowing — getting comfortable with your bandmates takes time — so you never know what it's going to be like."

He continued, "But Atticus and Trent put in more effort and more time — we did conference calls! They take everything they do very seriously so it was very deliberate, with a lot of attention to detail."