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Hear Noise-Grind Crew Full of Hell's Explosive New Song "Burning Myrrh"

Heralded act debuts track with incendiary music video, shares details on Kurt Ballou–recorded new album 'Weeping Choir'

Harsh grind propagators Full of Hell have announced their forthcoming Relapse Records debut, Weeping Choir, with the furious scorcher, "Burning Myrrh," and an equally incendiary video to complement. 

An instantaneously brutal assault on the senses, the song opens with a pummeling gut punch just as a terrifying cloaked figure draped in black and bound in ropes appears. With nonstop blast beats, red-hot blackened riffs, and dueling vocals that go from eardrum-shattering to gut-rumbling in the same verse, the song spends its entire two and a half minutes in full-on slaughter mode, pausing only in brief spurts to give the buzzsaw guitar work room to expand and build malicious atmosphere. 

All the while, the video builds tension with an increased awareness of the unknown, panning down the cloaked character's binding ropes as they lead into a hellish pit in the ground. When the track breaks just long enough to come up for air, chaos quickly rushes back in as more figures appear along with a burning altar. The sinister tone of the ritualistic scene seems rooted in sacrifice and opulence, and off-kilter camera work delivers swirling, cyclical shots that add anxious weight to the heaviness of the ceremony at hand. 

Full of Hell's Weeping Choir was recorded by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at GodCityStudio and is out May 17th. Physical format pre-orders for CDs, vinyl, and cassettes are available via the Relapse website. Check the band's official site for a full list of tour dates, kicking off Friday, April 12th in Philadelphia. 

Full of Hell 'Weeping Choir'

Track listing: 
1. Burning Myrrh
2. Haunted Arches
3. Thundering Hammers
4. Rainbow Coil
5. Aria of Jeweled Tears
6. Downward
7. Armory of Obsidian Glass
8. Silmaril
9. Angels Gather Here
10. Ygramul The Many
11. Cellar of Doors