Hear Noise-Rock Vets Cherubs' Acid-Fried, Brain-Melting Rarity "Orange Julius" | Revolver

Hear Noise-Rock Vets Cherubs' Acid-Fried, Brain-Melting Rarity "Orange Julius"

"Lost" cut from Austin cult faves' original Nineties run will appear on forthcoming 'Short of Popular' reissue

A cult favorite in their day, Austin noise-rock trio Cherubs disappeared after only three years in 1994 as a band to re-emerge 20 years later for a round of dates and a new album that somehow met and — depending who you talk to — possibly surpassed their previous output. Following the success of 2014's 2 YNFYNYTY, Cherubs are re-releasing the Short of Popular LP, a collection of B-sides, outtakes and more, that sews up the group's original run, filling in the blanks left after Icing and Heroin Man. The record, originally issued by Trance Syndicate, stands tall in its own right, and fans of the band's Am-Rep–influenced sound will enjoy it in all its pummeling grimy glory. Stream "Orange Julius" from that LP below; and order yours via Sonic Surgery.

Cherubs Short of Popular track list:

01. Pixie Stix
02. Carjack Fairy
03. Chanukka
04. Orange Julius
05. Quitter
06. Hakkeboffer​​​​​​​
07. Zip-Up Boots
08. Little Candy Hearts
09. Oh
10. Dazy​​​​​​​
11. I Want Candy
12. Dreaming
​​​​​​​13. How Little We Know