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Hear ODDKO's Dark, Brooding New Alt-Metal Song "The Strangers"

L.A. project evokes Korn, Rammstein on latest single

ODDKO is a L.A.-based band spearheaded by musician and award-winning visual director Giovanni Bucci, who has directed music videos for Korn and worked as a motion designer for films such as Star Trek, RoboCop and Pacific Rim. The project is intended to manifest "the animal within — the wild beast in all of us — driven by instinct and the longing to break free of society's cage," and its latest single is the dark and brooding "The Strangers," off the upcoming album Escape the Maze, which features the drumming talents of Fleshgod Apocalypse's Francesco Paoli. The drummer says that Bucci is "one of the most talented individuals I ever met in the music business," while Korn's James "Munky" Shaffer has enthused of ODDKO, "Amazing! That shit is dark 'n' scary. I love it!"

"'The Strangers' is a song about how being different can be both difficult and enriching," says Bucci. "I grew up in quite a different way than my peers, with an Italian father and a Dutch mother, who were considered 'hippies,' and I lived between Italy and the Netherlands. As an adult I moved to London, and later to L.A., so I have been immersed in many different cultures, and yet I have never been able to blend in with the people of the place where I lived or truly felt like I belonged there. I was often the odd one. This probably led me to having very eclectic tastes and never fully belonging to a subculture or music genre. I developed a perspective and a range that is quite uncommon, which is reflected in my creative work, like the various music styles that influence the music I compose. For instance, in 'The Strangers' you can hear the influence of metal and electronica, with heavy guitars, ambient soundscapes and New Wave–style synthesizers. The verse is inspired by more prog-rock sounds, and the bridge veers between classical music and film scores." 

Check out "The Strangers" above. The song is the follow-up to Escape the Maze's lead single "Disobey," which arrived paired with a groundbreaking VFX video, directed by Bucci and produced with Paola Rocchetti through visual arts production company Void N' Disorder. See it below.