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Hear Ohio Post-Hardcore Act Wolves at the Gate's Soaring New Song "Drifter"

Intense track was born from personal pain, renewal found in Christian faith
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photograph by Aaron Marsh

Hailing from a small town near Columbus, Ohio, Wolves at the Gate are readying their latest batch of melodic post-hardcore anthems which will be released on their new full-length, Eclipse, this July. Today, June 13th, the Midwest quartet are giving fans a preview of what's to come in the form of the soaring new track titled "Drifter," which exemplifies the band's ability to write a lush and catchy track while holding onto the heaviness that separates them from the radio-rock crowd. 

"While in the studio, [guitarist] Joey [Alarcon] and I stayed up late one night talking with our vocalist Nick [Detty] about the various ways he had been struggling internally," explains vocalist and guitarist Stephen Cobucci. "Feeling worthless, feeling like he would never escape this vicious cycle of falling into the same traps..." They decided to channel what they felt for their bandmate's struggle into this track, evoking a feeling of hope even during the dark time. 

As a tight-knit unit, the band consider themselves family and try to use their music to lift one another up. "Songs like this one are so important to us as a band because they've come from real heart to heart conversations," says Cobucci. "We're brothers. We bear each others burdens." 

In addition to their kinship for one another, the band also find common ground in their Christian beliefs.

Cobucci continues, "Numerous songs throughout our career have come from these sorts of situations where Nick just spilled his heart and we were able to build him up in the truth reminding him of the greater love he has in Christ and how all his failure and sin was erased at the cross."

Eclipse is out July 26th on Solid State Records. Preorder a copy at this location, and find the band on tour when they head out for a quick two-week jaunt in July.