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Hear One-Man Metalcore Project Flying Cupid's Shreddy New Song "Changes"

Indian musician Abhiruk Patowary channels Killswitch, Periphery on solo single

Change is a popular subject in metal and a popular song title, too. The Birmingham godfathers, Black Sabbath, wrote a classic 1972 piano ballad centered around it, after all, and many years later, Deftones had their own hit, "Change," with the lengthy subtitle "(In the House of Flies)." The latest metal musician to take the word as his own is Abhiruk Patowary. Originally from India, the guitarist and composer is currently based in Boston, where he's studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, as well as spearheading the solo project Flying Cupid. The one-man outfit's new single, "Change," doesn't sound anything like Sabbath's somber sing-along or Deftones' churning, soaring anthem. Instead, it simultaneously channels the sound of old-school metalcore à la Killswitch Enagage and the technically inclined approach of djent trailblazers like Periphery.

Thematically, the cut centers around the idea of living in the now and not being dragged down by one's feelings. "The song is about being in the present, being awake and rising above all unnecessary emotion, be it positive or negative," Patowary says of "Changes." "It talks about finding neutrality at the core of every idea, and guiding it to become what you want it to become."

As for what the musician wants Flying Cupid to become, Patowary has big plans for the solo project including an EP that's currently in the planning stages.