Hear Ossuarium's Worm-Ridden Death-Metal Scorcher "Corrosive Hallucinations" | Revolver

Hear Ossuarium's Worm-Ridden Death-Metal Scorcher "Corrosive Hallucinations"

Northwest extremists give disgusting taste of debut LP with venerable 20 Buck Spin
ossuarium_band2_photo_by_jamie_robillard_effects_by_jozy_kinnaman_copy_2.jpg, Jamie Robillard
photograph by Jamie Robillard

Portland and the Northwest as a whole can be blamed for a plethora of quality death-metal releases that have captivated the underground community in the recent past, with several notable bands rising up after delivering quality demos that surpass the entire output of some of the groups' predecessors. The latest one to blow our wig back is Ossuarium, who will drop their debut LP Living Tomb on February 1st after releasing a promising demo 15 months ago and a split with Draghkar half a year later.

Their latest track "Corrosive Hallucinations," which makes it's debut here at Revolver today, is a scathing and muscular death-metal entry, nodding to Dead Congregation, early Sentenced (specifically Shadows era), early Convulse and more, conjuring comparisons to like-minded worm-ridden neighbors like Vastum, Triumvir Foul and more. "'Corrosive Hallucinations,' both lyrically and sonically, tells the saga of being dragged through the deepest darkest depths of depravity until your sanity is ultimately disintegrated," The band members say of the song. Stream the track tor the first time below; you can order your copy of Living Tomb via 20 Buck Spin.