Hear Pantera's "5 Minutes Alone" Merged With David Bowie's "Fame" in Insane Mashup | Revolver

Hear Pantera's "5 Minutes Alone" Merged With David Bowie's "Fame" in Insane Mashup

"5 Minutes of Fame" presents Phil Anselmo going toe-to-toe with the Thin White Duke

Bill McClintock has spent the last year or so creating some of the most memorable mashups of heavy metal and mainstream popular songs to hit the music world for his YouTube channel, and the latest offering sees Texan groove metallers Pantera's aggro "5 Minutes Alone," written about a disgruntled fan's father trying to take on singer Phil Anselmo in a man-to-man brawl, and mix it with the late David Bowie's classic "Fame." 

The resulting mix maintains the catchy glam swagger of Bowie's half while inserting just enough piss and vinegar from Anselmo and Co. to toughen it up in all the right places. While McClintock's creations are undoubtedly funny, the skill and workmanship he pours into each amalgamation is impressive. The shimmering, plucky guitars of Bowie's track lighten up the hard-ass attitude of the southern trend-killers, adding sex and soul to an otherwise testosterone-driven track. 

Billing himself as "making old music new again," McClintock's channel features work like Godsmack and Spandeau Ballet, Danzig and The Temptations, and Slayer and The Bangles. Check them out for the laughs, and revisit to pick up on the impeccable editing that goes into each piece. If you can't dance-mosh to "5 Minutes of Fame," you may need your pulse checked.