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Hear Pitiless' Savage New Death-Grind EP 'Amaranthine'

Fans of Pig Destroyer, Suffocation and Full of Hell, take note

Pitiless is a merciless two-piece comprised of guitarist-bassist-programmer Matt DeMille and lyricist-screamer Christopher J. Gramlich (Vilipend, Ancress) and based out of Toronto, Canada. Their latest effort is Amaranthine, a scathing five-track EP that mixes death metal, grind and hardcore, recalling Pig Destroyer, Suffocation, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Full of Hell all at once. There's a ton of positively nasty riffage backed by drum machine, and once paired with Gramlich's nihilistic and hateful vocals, the result is the hateful gems on Amaranthine. Stream the EP below for the first time.