Hear Pleasure Dive Channel Hum, Failure on New Song "Animal Control" | Revolver

Hear Pleasure Dive Channel Hum, Failure on New Song "Animal Control"

Gauzy progressive alt-rock straight outta Brooklyn

Brooklyn's Pleasure Dive have ties to NYC underground metal bands including Low Estate (featuring our own creative director Jimmy Hubbard) and Sanhett, but their sound leans mellower, too gauzy and ethereal to be classified as heavy metal. Think instead of the shoegazing, progressive space-rock excursions of Failure or Hum as a leaping-off point. The trio — guitarist-vocalist Anthony Ferreira, bassist John Refano and drummer Christopher Todd — have teamed with Revolver today (June 25th) to spotlight "Animal Control," the opening cut off Pleasure Dive's new EP, Hypnagogic, which is streaming across your favorite digital music platforms and also available for download through Bandcamp. Check it out above via YouTube, and read below for Ferreira's comments on the song.

Hypnagogic features a cover painting by Jay Bailey and was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege up in Portland. Ferreira recorded and mixed the record in Las Vegas, where he was living for a time, with additional recording being done at Brooklyn's Virtue and Vice Studios.

"That dusty, old world cowboy vibrato and murky Rhodes thing ... We love to throw that kind of stuff into a song that may otherwise be icy, cold, futuristic fare," Ferreira says of the song. "That kind of move, old world vs. new world, that's where we source inspiration. Keep customizing something with reckless abandon and you hopefully end up with something unique.

"I was walking around the city late one night, amongst the usual chaos and I saw an Animal Control truck drive by. It passed screaming financial district bros, riddle-talking street demons, girls trampling over in heels. What a scene! It made me laugh. We all have attributes of these people in some way. It made me think what the Animal Control cruiser would be coming for me on."