Hear Poppy and HEALTH's Haunting Collab Song "Dead Flowers" | Revolver

Hear Poppy and HEALTH's Haunting Collab Song "Dead Flowers"

Post-genre auteur joins forces with the L.A. noise-makers for moody single

It's been a good year for both Poppy and HEALTH. The post-genre auteur dropped a ferocious EP and a catchy full-length, while the L.A. noise-makers have been checking off bucket list items by making songs with Nine Inch Nails and Chino Moreno.

Now, the prolific pair have joined forces on a new collaborative track called "Dead Flowers" that adds new dimensions to each of their respective catalogs. The song isn't necessarily imbued with Poppy's eccentric pop-metal leanings. Rather, she sounds like she's wading into HEALTH's world of bleak ambiance and industrial noisiness, morphing her singing style into an ethereal croon that wafts through the mix.

After some considerable suspense, the song eventually cracks wide open and Poppy screeches violently over explosive warehouse reverberations. It's dark, brooding, moody and really fucking cool. Listen above via YouTube while you gaze into its abstract video.

Both "Dead Flowers" and their song with Nine Inch Nails, "Isn't Everyone," will appear on HEALTH's upcoming DISCO4 :: PART II, the follow-up to their 2020 collaborative album, DISCO4 :: PART I. Stay tuned for more details on that front.