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Hear Poppy's Catchy New Grunge Song "Her"

Post-genre artist returns with yet another fresh sound

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Poppy is having one helluva year. After performing at the Grammys, dropping a cover of Jack Off Jill's "Fear of Dying" and unloading her ferocious new EAT EP, which is one of our favorite albums of the year so far, the post-genre artist has now returned with another new song called "Her."

We surmised that Poppy was traveling down an even heavier sonic route based on the chaotic metalcore tracks on EAT, but "Her" takes a sharp left-turn into more melodic territory. The song has big, chunky grunge guitars, a straightforward rhythm and a tuneful vocal delivery from Poppy that actually recalls the range of the aforementioned Jack Off Jill cover. It's kind of got a Hole thing going on. 

"Her" was produced by the indie-pop boardsmith Justin Meldal-Johnsen (M83, Air, St. Vincent) and was recorded directly to tape, giving it a uniquely warm and bright feel compared to the snaggletoothed EAT EP. The track also comes paired with a video, helmed by stop motion animator/director Chris Ullens, that sees a malevolent Cruella-esque figure commanding an army of robot guitar players. 

Watch and listen above via YouTube while you try and guess what move Poppy will pull next.