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Hear Portland Doom Rockers Holy Grove's Magical Fuzzed-Out New Album 'II' in Full

Yob's Mike Scheidt makes a special appearance on gritty, groove-filled record
holy-grove-james-rexroad.jpg, James Rexroad
photograph by James Rexroad

After Holy Grove's whirlwind self-titled debut landed them prestigious gigs performing alongside Royal Thunder, Windhand, and even a spot at Psycho Las Vegas 2016, the Portland doom rockers are back with II — a timelessly beautiful, inescapably hook-laden affair that proves Holy Grove one of the strongest acts among the PNW metal and hard rock scene. 

Full of knuckle-dragging heavy doom riffs, oscillating paces that lean slow and arduous to upbeat, swinging grooves, and a roaring, graveled vocal performance, the five-song album rises from the trenches of despair into a place of desperate beauty. The standout track and album closer "Cosmos" features a guest spot from Yob's heart-wrenching frontman Mike Scheidt in a dueling vocal performance that evokes the enormous feeling and hurt found in epic rock ballads of the mid to late seventies. 


Singer Andrea Vidal says of the record, "For us, this album represents a lot of a lot of hard work, dedication, triumph over adversity, and the soul and spirit of the band on wax. We pushed ourselves as people and as musicians to try to bring to life what we'd been hearing in our heads and we feel like we accomplished that. We're excited to have people hear it."

Officially available this Friday, the album is available for pre-order via Ripple Music here and can be streamed in full below. 

Track listing: 

1. Blade Born
2. Aurora
3. Valley of the Mystics
4. Solaris 
5. Cosmos (feat. Mike Scheidt of YOB)