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Hear Portland Grind Act Transient Team With Bastard Noise on Caustic New Song

"Secret Finger" is scorching new single from forthcoming collaborative record 'Sources of Human Satisfaction'
transient_with_eric_wood_insert_side_b_web.jpg, Bastard Noise's Eric Wood (left) and Transient
photograph by Bastard Noise's Eric Wood (left) and Transient

The skull is back. Eric Wood — Man Is a Bastard, Bastard Noise — has teamed up with Portland grind team Transient for their new eleven-song scorcher Sources of Human Satisfaction due on 8/10 via Six Weeks Records.

On their new track "Secret Finger," which we're premiering today, Wood sets down the bass and attacks with his noise rig to add another level of terror to an already furious grind machine. The cut begins with a whirlwind of noise before settling into a nihilistic grinding hate groove. From there, Wood peppers in his noise attacks, frequently dropping bombs in moments of calm for Transient, who keep things cut throat for virtually the entire duration of the track. It's extreme upon extreme, brutal and oh-so interesting.

"I always had a desire to work with a strong band with core, similar and like-minded values that really saw in their own potential the same desire to work with a noise/electronics artist," says Wood. "I had been doing Bastard Noise by myself for the past three years before suddenly receiving communication from the band Transient — who I had seen a few times before — and was surprised to say the least. It wasn't very long after speaking in detail to [Krysta Curry] Martinez and [Brandon] Hayden that I knew this [was] an offer that would prove to be "fruit bearing.

"Needless to say the process of working on Sources of Human Satisfaction was grueling yet glorious. In the twenty-seven years Bastard Noise has existed, I can safely say this album is one of the most rewarding things I've ever been involved and is a result of clinical thinking, impassioned lyrical content and mercilessly honed musicianship. A lot of work went into carefully 'fusing' the 'insect war electronics' in, around and within Transient's compositions. This is true, organic 'grind/noise fusion' capturing all the essence of desperation, driving force, and intricate full spectrum arrangements.  I am moved by the end result. I know others will be too. Eleven tracks, that trailblaze a new direction in consciousness and musical execution. This album moves hard! I believe in Sources of Human Satisfaction with everything I've got because I'm playing with best musicians around."

Transient front woman Krysta Curry Martinez offered the following about new LP and the new track: "First, it feels bizarre to segment and feature one track as we definitely designed the album to be listened to as a whole ... but this particular section and song is about secret judgment, two-facedness. It begins explosively — manic, and reactive. Then the demeanor slips into something more relaxed and fun. It's both an intentional metaphor, in that the sound flows how one's feelings might if they discover that someone might be pointing a secret finger them, and it's also an homage to our NW roots — i.e. maybe we like the Melvins? When someone is two-faced it might at first insight anger but in the end who cares? They're false — better to move on. Wood cleverly crafted noise when the song shifts to the groove that almost sounds like a little laugh — I love that detail — he did such a great job interpreting our lyrics, notes, conversations. We are stoked to be working with him."

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8/16/2018 T-Keller – Göttingen, DE
8/17/2018 Den Bristol – Ghent, BE
8/18/2018 The Dev – London, UK
8/19/2018 TBA
8/20/2018 Meatlocker – Leeds, UK
8/21/2018 Paradidles Café – Worcester, UK
8/22/2018 Petroleuse – Caen, FR
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8/27/2018 Café Na Půl Cesty – Prague, CZ
8/28/2018 Jeřáb – Liberec, CZ
8/29/2018 Industriestraße – Leipzig, DE *
8/30/2018 Zukunft – Chemnitz, DE
8/31/2018 Arschcholio – Neubrandenburg, DE *
9/01/2018 Noteingang – Radebeul, DE *
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