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Hear Portrayal of Guilt Summon Hell on New Ripper "Possession"

Texas blackened hardcore crushers announce second album of 2021

Revolver has teamed with Portrayal of Guilt for a limited-edition vinyl variant of Christfucker on "clear with red splatter" wax. There're only 300 copies available, so order yours before they're gone! 

Way back in January, the prolific Austin, Texas, band Portrayal of Guilt released a dismal new album called We Are Always Alone. Now, the blackened hardcore crushers have announced they're dropping another new album this year called Christfucker, and today (September 1st) they've unveiled its positively demonic lead single, "Possession."

We Are Always Alone marked a significant shift away from the deadened screamo sound of Portrayal of Guilt's 2018 debut, Let Pain Be Your Guide, as the band leaned into their black metal sensibilities and upped the heaviness all around.

"Possession" moves even further from what people would generally consider punk music, speckling eerie industrial passages in between blasty black metal riffs, a chaotic hardcore breakdown and subterranean vocal lows. Crank it above via YouTube. 

Christfucker is out November 5th via Run For Cover Records and is now available for pre-order now in a variety of formats. Revolver has an exclusive vinyl edition on "clear with red splatter" wax and a 24x24 poster insert. They're limited to just 300 copies, so order yours now before they're gone!

See the artwork and track listing below. 

Portrayal of Guilt Christfucker vinyl admat

Christfucker track listing:
"The Sixth Circle"
"Fall from Grace"
"Bed of Ash"
"The Crucifixion"
"...where the suffering never ends"