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Hear Post–Black-Metal Act Chrome Waves Howl Into the Void on "Predatory Animals"

New song featuring former Nachtmystium, Gates of Slumber members explores intersection of melody, darkness

Featuring former members of Wolvhammer, Nachtmystium, Abigail Williams, the Gates of Slumber and others, Chrome Waves has been kicking around for in the neighborhood of nine years, exploring the outer reaches of black metal while staying staunchly in the alternative rock and shoegaze landscape. Despite the cathartic, scream-oriented vocals, Chrome Waves strive to be more Catherine Wheel than Darkthrone, and even the focus of the latest track "Predatory Animals" is on the melody. Utilizing the tough vocals as another layer in the multi-dimensional approach rooted in metal, Chrome Waves explore what it means to be emotional while maintaining muscularity and grace. It's a beautiful track that delves into both sides of despair at once, calling out into the void while keeping a modicum of inner strength. Stream "Predatory Animals," above ahead of its appearance on forthcoming A Grief Observed LP, which is due on March 1st via Disorder.   

Guitarist and founding member Jeff Wilson described the new track as follows: "While not everyone is interested in 8 minute, fuzz and reverb drenched epics, most people can enjoy the catchier tune. Since we do as well, we added a couple shorter and more to the point bangers on the record. This one has it all, your verse/chorus/verse structure, your vocal hook and it's even got a guitar solo. This is 'Predatory Animals.'"

CHROME WAVES Without Waves 2019:
2/27/2019 Hexagon - Minneapolis, MN
2/28/2019 Livewire - Chicago, IL
3/01/2019 Black Circle Brewing - Indianapolis, IN
3/02/2019 Open Community Arts Center - Louisville, KY
3/03/2019 Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI

A Grief Observed Track Listing:
1. Burdened
2. Past The Lights
3. A Grief Observed
4. Predatory Animals
5. Take Another Sip
6. Open Casket