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Hear Post-Metal Act Axioma's New LP, Featuring Doomy Massive Attack "Angel" Cover

Ohio band comprised of Keelhaul, Brain Tentacles, Forged in Flame members share ferocious debut album 'Crown'

Representing Cleveland, Ohio, Axioma is a black-metal tinged unit that dips its toe into sludge, grind, doom and other ideas to create a boiling cauldron filled to the brim with maximum aggression. Featuring Aaron Dallison of the much beloved Keelhaul and Brain Tentacles on bass and vocals, the quartet is readying its debut long-player, Crown, for a June 28th release on the veritable Translation Loss. But today (June 25th) Revolver is pleased to present a preview of the entire new album.

The nine-track LP, which includes a stunning cover of Massive Attack's "Angel" (at the 23:23 mark) kicks off with the double-bass assault of "Sacred Killing Machine," a track that feels pedal to the floor from the moment the light turns green. Opening up for a dark clean passage, the band comes back even harder with a Deathspell Omega–influenced dissonant section, heading back into the fray soon thereafter. It's highly indicative of the content going forward: complex, well-written, tuneful while vitriolic and totally ferocious for the duration of the album's running time. 

"Over the course of two years, we built each piece of Crown as a unique and separate idea constructed, produced and performed by the group," details guitarist Justin Meyers. "Lyrically the themes of the album grotesquely develop with repeated listens, ripping at the carcass of a diseased species Crown is an unrelenting passage toward our extinction. We continue to mutate and grow toward our own version of dark music. The artwork for the album is an extension of the internal subject matter, a reflection of the human virus and systematic methods of control." 

Order yours via Translation Loss.

Axioma 'Crown'

'Crown' track listing:
1. Sacred Killing Machine
2. Roots
3. Harvest of Tongues
4. Cult of Moloch
5. Ascending the Mountain of Divinities
6. Vessels for Migration
7. Angel (Massive Attack cover)
8. Feral Deities
9. Auto Da Fe