Hear Post-Rock Act Blanket's Dreamy, Cinematic Cover of Deftones' "Knife Prty" | Revolver

Hear Post-Rock Act Blanket's Dreamy, Cinematic Cover of Deftones' "Knife Prty"

Reworking of 'White Pony' cut appears on U.K. band's new 'Transfixion' EP

Deftones' White Pony was seminal listening for every teenager growing up in the early 2000s, and now that those same teenagers are old enough to form bands on their own, it's not surprising to see Deftones' greatest and heaviest work be tributed on a routine basis.

The latest to follow this trend are U.K. post-rockers Blanket, who offer a suitably gauzy take on White Pony classic "Knife Prty." Here's guitarist Simon Morgan, talking about  Deftone's long shadow.

"White Pony by Deftones is a seminal album and was released at a time where there was a sea of 'Nu Metal' bands cluttering the airways. This band always stood out away from that crowd, taking in influences from shoegaze, experimental and dream pop, amongst others. I love that idea of the synthesis of different styles to come up with something wholly new, which is something we strive to achieve ourselves.

"We listened to this album to death for a whole year when it was released. Deftones are a band that have always put out fresh and innovative music and have kept doing so even through tragedy. As a nod of appreciation for their awesome output we decided to record a cover of 'Knife Prty' from that album. Our version was tracked in one day with the marvellous Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios in Stoke, with additional production and electronic elements put together by us prior to this.

"It was quite a tight time-frame but we managed to experiment somewhat in the middle section. We didn't want to set out to do a straight up cover of this song and hope people dig our version."

The song is included on Blanket's just-released EP Transfixion, which also includes a Radiohead cover. Watch the video above.