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Hear Power Trip's Ripping Cover of Outburst's "When Things Go Wrong"

Thrash upstarts pay tribute to NYHC cult heroes

Outburst were true New York hardcore cult heroes, peers of Leeway and Gorilla Biscuits, who fused heavy metal and punk rock to create a unique crossover sound. The Astoria, Queens, band only recorded a demo and one EP and appeared on two influential NYHC compilations, yet they left an indelible mark, and modern-day mosh-starters like Power Trip, Wildside, Fury and Krimewatch look up to them and actively follow in their footsteps.

Blackout! Records is set to celebrate this legacy by releasing in January an ultra-limited, expanded LP edition of Outburst's Miles to Go EP, as well as a limited LP compilation, titled Hot Sh!t Attidude, featuring some of the finest young hardcore and punk bands in the land covering their songs. First up, Power Trip who offered up their take on "When Things Go Wrong" today (December 20th). The Texan thrasher's cover opens the comp and aptly sets the tone. Stream it above, and check out the full track listing below. You can pre-order a copy via Indiegogo

Hot Sh!t Attidude track listing:
01 – Power Trip – "When Things Go Wrong"
02 – Higher Power – "Misunderstood"
03 – Wildside – "SGI"/"Mission Impossible"
04 – Initiate – "Miles To Go"
05 – Fury – "No Choice"
06 – Krimewatch – "Think For Yourself"
07 – Wildside – "Outburst"
08 – Search – "Thin Ice"
09 – Mizery – "The Hard Way"
10 – Stand Off – "Learn To Care"
11 – Big Boss – "Controlled"
12 – Outskirts – "True"