Hear Psalm Zero's Charlie Looker Get Weird as Shit on New Song "Ritual Fire" | Revolver

Hear Psalm Zero's Charlie Looker Get Weird as Shit on New Song "Ritual Fire"

NYC experimentalist moves way beyond black metal with far-out fascinating track from upcoming 'Simple Answers' LP

Charlie Looker is nothing if not subtly confrontational. Whether it's as a member of free-jazz team Zs, experimental outfit Extra Life, Profound Lore–endorsed metal/post-punk hybrid Psalm Zero or even as a solo artist, Looker's work is far from simple and actively challenges conventions related to genre, approach and more. Consider Looker to be an inward-facing, musical GG Allin (without all that copious defecation).

In what may be his most interesting pivot yet, Looker has taken to chamber pop as the mound from which he throws his curve balls. His latest is "Ritual Fire," an Anohni-esque venture that starts with a simple drum machine loop before adding in full orchestra, noise, synth squalls and more. It all hangs heavy around Looker's vocal, which are expressive, dramatic and unique in tone and approach: juxtaposing staccato delivery against the slippery, ever changing melody/cacophony of the instrumental. "Ritual Fire" is fascinating, blooms more and more with each subsequent listen and is culled from the Simple Answers LP on Looker's own Last Things label. Preorder Simple Answers on double-LP or digital ahead of its June 15th release.

New York City can come celebrate the release of Simple Answers at June 14 at National Sawdust, where Looker will be joined by a full 17-piece chamber orchestra from the album, featuring members of Mivos Quartet and ICE, and sopranos Daisy Press and Megan Schubert. Look for guest appearances from Doug Moore (of Pyrrhon), Zohra Atash (of Azar Swan) and more. Order your tickets here.