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Hear Punk/Powerviolence Supergroup Trappist's New Ripping Ode to Craft Beer

"Victims of a Bomber Raid," featuring current, ex-members of Infest and Despise You, arrives with frantic performance video

How many cool things can you pack into a single song? Made up of Phil Vera (Despise You, CROM), Chris Dodge (ex-Infest, ex-Spazz, Slap-a-Ham etc) and Ryan Harkins (co-owner of Grill Em' All), Trappist is a new band that creates riffy, powerviolence-influenced odes to craft beer.

Their latest song "Victims of a Bomber Raid," from forthcoming debut Ancient Brewing Tactics, is clearly a tip of the hat to Anti-Cimex, and, according to the band, it was written with a beer pairing in mind. To recap: a band of legends in punk/powerviolence/burgers created a song about beer that pairs with a beer and tips the cap to one of the greatest bands of all time. Mind equals blown.

All of that said, is Trappist actually a sick band or just a series of incredibly great things that amount to nothing? Judging from the ripping track and the video above, you can count on the supergroup to conjure some of the magic that they've produced in the past. "Victims of a Bomber Raid" does have a d-beat feel and nods to Cimex, but the ridiculous and nonsensical beer-related lyrics keep things fun and light despite the pummeling brutality underneath. 

Trappist offered the following commentary regarding the new track and its origins: "For those who don't know, a 'bomber' is slang for a 22oz beer bottle. With the state of the world today, the only solution is to drop as many 'bombers' as possible. It's a form of warfare we can truly get behind. Beers not bombs!"

Trappist's Ancient Brewing Tactics hits on August 17th via Relapse Records.