Hear Pupil Slicer Tackle Depression on Intense New Mathcore Rager "Interlocutor" | Revolver

Hear Pupil Slicer Tackle Depression on Intense New Mathcore Rager "Interlocutor"

"A fight between a voice of reason pitted against a twisted mirror image"

Hailing from London, mathcore insurgents Pupil Slicer are up-and-comers to keep your eyes on. Having dropped two singles off their upcoming debut, Mirrors, already — the frenetic "L'appel du Vide" and "Wounds Upon My Skin" — the trio has teamed up with Revolver today (February 24th) to premiere an intense yet introspective new cut, "Interlocutor." While the track is a short shock, barely two minutes in length, that doesn't mean it's not weighty. Themes of abuse, social anxiety and depression color Mirrors, and the last of those topics is focused on here. Check out "Interlocutor" above along with its striking narrative video.

Vocalist-guitarist Katie Davies says of the song, "'Interlocutor' is a look into some of our more direct and immediate work, a musical train of thought running off the rails, constantly evolving in one direction. This theme is reflected in the lyrics which tell of an internal struggle, a fight between a voice of reason and love of life pitted against a twisted mirror image of crushing depression and self-loathing."

Drummer Josh Andrews adds of the video, "We wanted to go beyond the more typical style of performance videos common to metal and create a stronger narrative to effectively explore the concepts that are core to Kate's lyrics.

"The music video features a woman in turmoil and on the brink of suicide. The inner thoughts in the present self and memory of a happier childhood self are featured to highlight how oppressing and all encompassing a self-destructive mindset can become, losing touch with better times and the possibility of a brighter tomorrow."

Mirrors is due out March 12th via Prosthetic Records. It's available for pre-order now.