Hear Puppy's Gloomy, Grungy New Song "Shame" | Revolver

Hear Puppy's Gloomy, Grungy New Song "Shame"

U.K. trio evoke alt-metal's atmospheric side on latest single

London's Puppy are longtime favorites at Revolver HQ for their catchy, soaring fusion of serene grunge and groovy alt-metal. On May 6th, they'll release a new album called Pure Evil on Rude Records, and today we're psyched to be premiering its latest single, "Shame." While many of Puppy's previous songs sat squarely in the middle of a Venn diagram between Smashing Pumpkins and Helmet, "Shame" doesn't have an explosive payoff or gigantic guitar crunch. Instead, it's a bass-driven tune with gloomy, disaffected vocals and a loping groove that's buttressed by haunting "ah-ah" harmonies. More atmospheric than hard-hitting, it's still Puppy doing the damn thing, and you can listen above via its spooky music video.

"'Shame' is possibly our favorite song on the album — although they're all stone-cold rippers," says Puppy. "It marks a big step forward for us creatively in our minds because you've still got all the hallmarks of our 'sound' — sweet harmony guitars, sad boi lyrics —  but set against [this] big snappy groove between the drums and bass. We wanted you to be able to blast it out your low rider with the windows down whilst analyzing your life choices and maybe crying a bit."

Pure Evil is out May 6th via Rude Records and you can pre-order the record here.