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Hear Quayde LaHüe's Ripping Throwback Heavy-Metal Anthem "Widowmaker"

Christian Mistress and Mortiferum members evoke "feminine rage," hail Seventies heroes

Olympia, Washington's Quayde LaHüe count members of Christian Mistress and Mortiferum among their ranks, and with their ripping take on classic Seventies hard-rock tropes, the band puts a fresh spin on an admittedly well-worn style. Check the quintet's latest single, "Widowmaker," which makes its debut here today at Revolver — powerhouse vocals and quality songwriting sit at the forefront, with the group charging ahead with a cavalcade of dueling leads and throwback riffs. Crank it above for the first time.

"Envision a cloaked figure rising up and riding out on the road to exact revenge upon those who live with no consequence," vocalist Jenna Fitton says of the cut. "The Widowmaker devotes her life to avenging her own heart with no mercy for those who have selfishly cut her and others down. Bear witness to feminine rage personified and give her the fellowship she is due."

If you like what you hear — and you should — check out the band on Bandcamp and at one of the live gigs below.

Quayde LaHüe live dates:
Sep 27 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
Oct 25 - McCoy's Tavern - Olympia, WA