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Hear Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" Covered in Style of Ozzy, Tool, Ghost, More

"10 Second Songs" viral star Anthony Vincent returns with 42 takes on operatic classic

Anthony Vincent, the man behind the massively popular "10 Second Songs" YouTube series, is back with his latest kaleidoscopic performance, this time taking on Queen's defining operatic hit "Bohemian Rhapsody." The intense track features 42 different styles performed flawlessly by the talented vocalist and musician, including dead-on impressions of Ozzy Osbourne, Ghost, System of a Down, Tool, Nirvana and even Dream Theater. He even cuts in hilarious clips of himself singing the harmony parts, and in the Daft Punk segment, shows himself manipulating a small synthesizer while wearing one of the French electronica group's signature futuristic masks. 

Vincent's online return comes after a brief self-imposed hiatus, on which he remarks, "I disappeared from the internet for a month to finally take on my number one requested song. Being away from social media was very good for me and I highly recommend this." He also has an album coming out soon with his band Riptide, with a single expected sometime in the next few weeks. 

Check out the video above, and browse through a full list of styles below. 

Style List: 
1. Queen 
2. Me 
3. The Chordettes 
4. Johnny Cash 
5. David Bowie 
6. Ozzy Osbourne 
7. Frank Sinatra 
8. Sam Cooke 
9. Boyz II Men 
10. Daft Punk 
11. Janis Joplin 
12. Scott Joplin (King Of Ragtime) 
13. Skrillex 
14. Hendrix (Michael Winslow Version) 
15. Kenny G 
16. Bobby McFerrin 
17. Star Wars 
18. N.W.A. 
19. Kendrick Lamar 
20. System Of A Down 
21. Elvis Presley 
23. Bad Religion 
24. Bruno Mars 
25. Death Grips 
26. Chuck Berry 
27. Michael jackson 
28. The Clash 
29. Ray Charles 
30. Aretha Franklin 
31. Soggy Bottom Boys 
32. Death 
33. ABBA 
34. Ghost 
35. Muse 
36. Vitas 
37. Medieval Music 
38. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons 
39. Tool 
40. Prince 
41. Nirvana 
42. Dream Theater