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Hear Quentin Tarantino Actor's Moody Industrial Song "Diabolos"

Omar Doom, of 'Inglourious Basterds' and 'Death Proof' fame, makes music as Straight Razor
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Omar Doom

Most people know Omar Doom as an actor. The 45-year-old developed a close friendship with famed director Quentin Tarantino in the late Nineties, who encouraged Doom (born Omar Makhdomi) to pursue acting as a career. The Pulp Fiction filmmaker eventually cast him for a small role in his 2007 thriller, Death Proof, and then granted him a more prestigious performance as one of the eight basterds in his 2009 hit, Inglourious Basterds.

However, Doom has committed most of his creative life to making music, having fronted a band called Ordeal in the early Nineties and later a duo called Doomington with DJ Stretch Armstrong. For the last eight years, Doom has made EBM music under the name Straight Razor, and today we're proud to be premiering a moody new track of his called "Diablolos." 

Taken from an upcoming EP titled Vol. 1, the song combines pulsing bass, steamy drums and creepy synths into what sounds like a horror movie soundtrack before it explodes into a physically visceral banger halfway through. It's the exact type of music one would expect to hear from a person with the last name of Doom. Take a listen below via Bandcamp. 

"'Diabolos' combines my love for writing metal riffs with my love for 70's/80's horror soundtracks," Doom tells us. "I grew up playing in metal bands so creating those same riffs on a synth was a lot of fun."

Vol. 1 is due out this Friday July 9th via Negative Gain and pre-orders are live on Bandcamp