Hear Raspberry Bulbs' Snarling, Primitive Punk on New Song "Doggerel" | Revolver

Hear Raspberry Bulbs' Snarling, Primitive Punk on New Song "Doggerel"

Frontman Marco Del Rio: "There is a hunt taking place, a spiritual hunt"

Delivering a lo-fi brand of blackened occult punk rife with Lovecraftian themes and delivered through a gritty, maniacal snarl, Raspberry Bulbs are unique in the modern underground. Their clashing influences and singular attack are hard to define from the outside (the band features members of Bone Awl and Rorschach), as frontman Marco Del Rio furthers confirms in his philosophical explanation of the trio's latest single "Doggerel." 

"With the theme of canines in mind, there is a hunt taking place, a spiritual hunt," he breaks down it for Revolver. "The liars, the scoundrels, the cowards are running through the fields, terrified and pursued by packs of blood thirsty hounds. The cowards take shape as their spiritual counterpart, the frightened hog."

He continues, "With history in mind, there is a war taking place, a spiritual war. The liars, scoundrels, and cowards are lined up against your army — do they stand a chance? Not against a battle worn and cunning general. This is how you take them apart, sing the song and execute the strategy."

Taking the two themes and stirring them together into one militaristic concept, Del Rio finishes: "It is hard for normal civilians to understand you never break rank with a superior officer without serious consequence. Respect and knowing your place is the first lesson learned and the key to maintaining an effective army."

Regardless of whether you're here to contemplate such lessons or just want to hear the primitive, gnarly riffs the Bulbs so expertly churn out, there's something to be found here for any aficionado of filthy rock & roll. The group's new LP, Before the Age of Mirrors, is due out February 21st via Relapse Records; you can pre-order it here