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Hear Reverent's Jordan Reyes Enter Dark Ambient Abyss on New Solo Song

"Quicksand" is a heavy electronic trip, for fans of John Carpenter, Sunn O)))
jordan-reyes-by-ambre-sala.jpg, Ambre Sala
photograph by Ambre Sala

With the assimilation of the music of John Carpenter into mainstream culture via SURVIVE and a host of others, the ideas of ambient music and song in the conventional verse-chorus-repeat structure have become more and more of the past, paving way for a new breed of artists that use power electronics, synths, noise and more to utilize their tools like a paintbrush. This is no new thing – guys from Brian Eno to Harold Budd to modern artists like GAS have taken the ambient form into the far reaches of space and back — but it is a hard thing to do well.

Musician Jordan Reyes — the brainchild behind industrial outfit Reverent, member of ONO and owner of experimental music label American Dreams & American Damage — is among the new crop of musicians toiling in synths in a fresh, affecting way.

His approach is definitely ambient, using those oscillators to tell a story and effects to bend them to his will. His latest track from his forthcoming debut LP Close is called "Quicksand" and it feels appropriately titled. Beginning with distorted waves as a baseline, a secondary theme provides the propulsion for the track, starting out strong and aggressive before fading away and returning again with similar fortitude. It's as if the protagonist has slipped into the void, falling deeper and deeper before coming to a realization of said detachment – only to struggle and fall into the dark chasm completely.

Listen to "Quicksand" below, and order your copy of Close via American Damage. Fans of Nadja, Sunn 0))), KTL, Justin Broadrick, Stars of the Lid and more, take note.