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Hear Revocation, Ayahuasca Members' Progressive Goth-Grunge Project Gargoyl

Dave Davidson, Luke Roberts and Josh Park offer up music that is "raw, emotional and hopefully thought-provoking"
Gargoyl, 2019

Revocation may still be in the midst of the touring cycle for 2018's The Outer Ones, but the band's mastermind Dave Davidson still found time to put the finishing touches on his latest project, a collaboration with Ayahuasca's guitarist-vocalist Luke Roberts and drummer Josh Park. The trio has spent the last couple of years secretly concocting new tracks behind the scenes for Gargoyl, an experimental and progressive take on what happens when you take a grunge-flavored vocal approach, mix in a bit of goth darkness and rhythm, and stretch it into winding, layered tracks that play out in unpredictable time signatures laid with shimmering, jazzy licks and a light dose of dissonance to bind it all together.

The group's debut EP, Asomatous, features two tracks, "Acid Crown" and "Waltz Dystopia," that give listeners a practiced and direct look at the inner workings of the fledgling outfit. Citing influences like Virus and Alice in Chains, Davidson says of the band's efforts, "It was hard to choose the songs to put on this EP since Gargoyl has been evolving from the beginning, but I think these two tracks are a good representation of the diversity of our sound. The music is raw, emotional and hopefully thought-provoking, and we hope you enjoy this free EP and spread the gospel of Gargoyl as we prepare to finish up writing for our full-length record."

Hear the tracks in full below, and follow the group on Twitter and Instagram for announcements regarding their as-yet-untitled full-length and live dates.