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Hear Rising Black-Metal Punks Devil Master's Venomous New Song "Desperate Shadow"

Lead single from ghoulish Philly crew's upcoming debut LP arrives with vintage creepy video

Rising Philadelphia group Devil Master may be a young, but they have a clear vision of their unique sound in the heavy underground and the everyday practices to back up their creepy occult vibes. Guitarist Darkest Prince relays, "All of us believe in chaos magick to an extent ... Nothing is true, everything is permitted! This famous chaos magick maxim explains our attitude towards certain themes, tones and actions that closed-minded sheep dogmatically believe belong to any specific, convoluted subgenre." 

In lay terms, they're a little all over the place. Filthy to the core and swathed in gauzy webs of reverb and chill, the band are quickly carving out their own brand of blackened goth punk that echoes like a haunted house but still has the razor edge of early black metal to toughen it up.  "Desperate Shadow" — the lead single off their upcoming debut full-length Satan Spits on Children of Light — is an instant underworld classic that hints at the riff-filled frights to come; swirling atmospherics and acid-drenched vocals build an impenetrable wall of consuming dread, all set to a raw percussive charge leading wherever the night should take. 

The band are keen on keeping that dark energy going as they continue to grow their reputation beyond their first two self-recorded releases: "We're not pandering to any trends or other genres," they say in a statement, "It's entirely its own thing. It's for people to open their minds and have fun with-but also get lost in." 

Satan Spits on Children of Light will be out on Relapse Records on March 1st. Pre-order a copy on vinyl (three colors available), cassette, or CD here. Follow Devil Master's Facebook for news regarding upcoming live dates. 

Satan Spits on Children of Light

Satan Spits on Children of Light track listing: 

1. Listen, Sweet Demons...
2. Nightmares in the Human Collapse
3. Black Flame Candle
4. Devil Is Your Master
5. Christ's Last Hiss
6. Skeleton Hand
7. Nuit
8. Gaunt Immortality
9. Desperate Shadow
10. Her Thirsty Whip
11. Dance of Fullmoon Specter
12. Webs of Sorrow
13. XIII