Hear Rising Seattle Act Vespera Channel Deftones on New Song "Deafening, Dissonant" | Revolver

Hear Rising Seattle Act Vespera Channel Deftones on New Song "Deafening, Dissonant"

Accompanying music video sees hard-rock outfit performing in nuclear reactor from 'Transformers 3'

"Two years ago, I found myself in a place of despair and isolation," reflects Vespera's founding frontman Jonathan Wolfe, looking back on the desperate circumstances behind the hard-rock band's formation in 2016. "My inspiration to create music was nonexistent." Stuck in a deep depression, the Seattle multi-instrumentalist — a former touring member of such rock acts as Slaves and Dayshell — had somehow convinced himself that a future in music was out of reach, despite his ample experience.

Or so he thought. One night, Wolfe picked up a guitar and plucked out a Deftones-y instrumental that not only pulled him out of his depression, but spawned Vespera itself. He named this creation "Deafening, Dissonant" and tucked it back in the vaults, to revisit at some point in the future.

That time has come. With tens of thousands of streams under their belt, and an anticipated debut album imminent (albeit not yet confirmed), Vespera have shared "Deafening, Dissonant" in all its moody, Deftones-esque glory. The cathartic ripper arrives alongside an epic performance visual which was entirely inside an abandoned nuclear reactor — in the dead of winter, natch!

"Despite nearly freezing to death during the shoot," Wolfe jokes, "the dark, lifeless atmosphere truly helped bring out the desolate mood of the song." (A bit of trivia: the aforementioned served as of the primary filming locations for the robo-blockbuster Transformers 3.) Check it out now, and stay tuned for more new music from Vespera in the coming months.