Hear Sadistic Ritual Channel Watain on Ripping New Blackened-Thrash Song | Revolver

Hear Sadistic Ritual Channel Watain on Ripping New Blackened-Thrash Song

Atlanta band shares dizzying "Malicious Misanthrope" from upcoming debut full-length 'Visionaire of Death'

Out of the gate, "Malicious Misanthrope" roars like the neglected offspring of Absu and Sworn to the Dark-era Watain, adding in dive-bombs and short breakdowns to remind the audience that Sadistic Ritual is fluent in all manner of fist-clenching brutality.

By the time the bridge hits so does a tasteful solo, which fools listeners into thinking this band could also be about finesse, only to open up into an Integrity-esque chugga-chugga before calling it a day. "Malicious Misanthrope" — which Revolver is premiering below — is a dizzying black-thrash exercise, one that is extremely promising for a band who are only welcoming their debut LP this year. Order your copy of the Visionaire of Death LP via Boris or Unspeakable Axe ahead of its June 14th release.

""Malicious Misanthrope" has been a live staple in our set for the past three years and always turned out to be a great crowd-pleaser despite not having a studio recording of it all that time," says vocalist/guitarist, Charlie Southern."You can bet we are very excited to finally present it to our fans and the world!

""Malicious Misanthrope" is premised in self-righteousness and inner disdain for all," he continues. "An assault on all fronts, your senses are plunged into the maelstrom of powerful lead guitar work, which soars over unrelenting double bass. Concluding with a profound melody that echoes through your consciousness, your demise is initiated."