Hear Satanic Tea Co.'s Insanely Heavy New Song "Blood Drenched Torture Chamber" | Revolver

Hear Satanic Tea Co.'s Insanely Heavy New Song "Blood Drenched Torture Chamber"

Tea company launches death-metal band with gory lead single

While most tea companies brand their product with sleepy bears and docile fruits that emanate vibes of peace and tranquility, Satanic Tea Co. are taking a different route. The boutique brand have been merging metal imagery with caffeinated beverages since 2017 — including collabs with Cradle of Filth, Bloodbath, Venom Prison and others — and now the company's enigmatic owner, Crucifix, is launching a ripping death-metal band under the company name. Today (May 11th), we're proud to be premiering their debut single, "Blood Drenched Torture Chamber." Watch out, Lipton! 

Paired with a fiercly gory and terrifying music video, Satanic Tea Co.'s sound is a crushing blend of Nineties death metal greats like Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy, but with notes of grindy deathcore that offer a zesty, full-bodied extreme-metal flavor. This isn't a poser dipping their toes into metal for a cheap gimmick — Satanic Tea Co. is clearly masterminded by a real-deal metalhead and the result is fucking awesome. 

"I am extremely pleased to begin this new era of 'Satanic Tea Co' and share the music we have been working on over the past year," says Crucifix. "This release is the culmination of years worth of pent up aggressive energy and its only the beginning. We are headed back to the studio in the coming months to complete our debut EP and will be releasing a second single and music video before the impending album comes out."

Watch and listen to "Blood Drenched Torture Chamber" above via YouTube.