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Hear Satanic Temple Co-Founder, Locust Member Team on Satanic Planet's "999"

Lucien Greaves, Justin Pearson, Luke Henshaw soundtrack an "apocalyptic storm of anti-theocratic revolution"
satanic planet 2020 PRESS, Becky DiGiglio
Lucien Greaves, Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw
photograph by Becky DiGiglio

San Diego creative force Justin Pearson is best known for noisy punk bands such as Dead Cross, the Locust and Retox, but together with producer Luke Henshaw, he makes noisy hip-hop under the name Planet B. Now, the cacophonous duo have teamed with a like-minded provocateur in Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves for an off-shoot project aptly named Satanic Planet. The incendiary trio's first offering is the single "999" — a tectonic slab of skin-crawling ambient doom — and it's accompanying music video, by Displaced/Replaced, both of which Revolver is proud to premiere below.

Says Greaves: "'999' is the ominous rolling thunder on the blackened horizon harkening the coming apocalyptic storm of anti-theocratic revolution and a new Satanic era soundtracked by Satanic Planet."

An outspoken advocate for religious liberty and the voice of the "Satanic Reformation," Greaves has been covered by media outlets including MSNBC, NPR, CNN, Newsweek, Fox News and Rolling Stone, and he's featured prominently in the acclaimed documentary Hail Satan? In Satanic Planet, the controversy-courting activist shares, via confrontational avant-garde music, the messages that The Satanic Temple stands for: from the hypocrisy of organized religion to the damaging consequences of pseudoscience. The trio are currently working on a full-length album and promise an array of "sci-fi sermons that range from doom and industrial to evil exotica."

You can hear the three discuss the founding of the Satanic Temple, the impact of the Satanic Panic of the Eighties, Greaves' project Grey Faction and more on a recently released episode of Pearson and Henshaw's Cult & Culture podcast. Listen below.