Hear SCOWL's super hooky new song "Psychic Dance Routine" | Revolver

Hear SCOWL's super hooky new song "Psychic Dance Routine"

Title track from Santa Cruz band's upcoming EP

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In just a couple weeks, Scowl will release their hotly-anticipated new EP, Psychic Dance Routine. The follow-up to 2021's hardcore breakout, How Flowers Grow, has already been previewed by two singles, "Opening Night" and "Shot Down," that have seen the band's sound move in a noticeably more catchy direction, and today's (March 29th) single is the sweetest-sounding song Scowl have ever released. 

The title-track of Psychic Dance Routine, it's a creeping, crunchy indie-rock tune that doesn't feature any hardcore screams or fast parts. It's quite different, but it still somehow feels like Scowl. Listen above while you watch its hypnotizing video. 

"My perspective of being consumed as the version of myself that is 'performing' has shifted dramatically, while simultaneously grappling the experience of being a feminine artist in a world that doesn't always take you seriously," frontwoman Kat Moss said of writing this song. 

"I made an effort to change perspectives back and forth lyrically because I felt that would have the most impact with the message I was trying convey. 'She'll never be your animal, she's got her own personal hell."' In its simplest form I'm explaining that nobody can corner me into their perception of who I am and that I've got my own shit to deal with. By using 'she' I'm making it clear that I'm also speaking about a feminine experience. 'Can't handle your control, think of the love I'd give,' is me begging the listener to relinquish the grip they have on me and questioning if they'll allow me to be the earnest and vulnerable person I truly am."

Psychic Dance Routine is out April 7th, and Revolver have an exclusive colored vinyl variant that's limited to just 600 copies worldwide. Get yours from our shop while they last!